Eight Years Ago.......

Eight years ago today a piece of my heart left this world. 
I miss my Annabelle (Bella) today just as much as the day she left. 
I miss her bark, her cute little stubby tail wagging and her doggie kisses. 
I miss cuddling with her, taking her on car rides, her playing with 
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Bella was a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. 
She will be forever a part of me. I love you Bella forever and always!



“This morning, the sun endures past dawn. 
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– Sara Baume, A Line Made by Walking


Happy International Friendship Day 2020

Happy International Friendship Day 2020


eCard of the Week #370: I'm So Hungry....

I'm so hungry I could eat my own cooking.


Sunday Stealing: Questions for Readers

This week's Sunday Stealing is Questions for Readers.

1. Why did you pick the book? The title and the cover caught my attention. 

2. What did you think about the book? It was better then I expected.

3. What do you know about the author? I do not know anything about the author.  This is the first book I read by this author.

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5. How did the book make you feel? Mad, sad, confused.

6. How do you feel about the way the story was told? It was told well. However, there seem to be too many plot twists.

7. Which parts of the book stood out to you? Nothing particular stood out.

8. Which specific parts of the protagonist can you relate to? I can relate to her wanting to find out what happened and how she can't seem to let go of the past.

9. Which character did you relate to the most? The main character.

10. Share a line or passage from the book. "We stand there for a while in silence, watching, until with a last flurry of song, the robin flies away."

11. What did you think about the ending?  It was not what I expected.

12. Is the story plot driven or character driven? I think it was character driven.

13. If the book was made into a movie, what changes or decisions would you hope for? Less twists so that there is less confusion.

14. How did the book change you? The book did not change me.

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eCard of the Week #369: Have You Ever?

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Or is that just me?



This week's Sunday Stealing is more questions from Facebook.

1. What's your favorite movie from your childhood and why?

Sitting on my grandparents porch, listening to Grandpa talk about the good old days.  I always felt safe around my grandparents and they made me feel very loved.

2. What is home to you?

Home is where you can relax and get away from the insane world we life in.

3. Do you get emotionally invested in stories? (I'm asking about movies, books, tv shows, whatever medium you like your stories in.)

It truly depends on the story. It it is a story about an animal, child or death, I get very emotionally involved.

4. What is the most physical damage you've ever received without needing medical intervention (so no stitches or splints or anything)?

Over the years I have fallen many time and always end up with bruises and/or cuts.  

5. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Hopefully not very much because I don't want to pick it all up when he or she is done.

6. Do you have any obsessions? Like Tv shows, or cats or something. Not addictions.

I am obsessed with animal videos, especially videos with Boxers in them.  I love Boxers.

7. What question or question would you like God to answer?

I would ask him why my son had to die at such a young age.

8. Do you bite your nails?

I bite my nails very rarely.

9. What do you like about the place you live, I mean your housing, apt, house, mobile home, etc

I like that my current house is in town and has a nice yard. 

10. What do you like about the city or town where you live?

It is small and has a good home town feel.

11. Is there one place you have visited that you wish you could live there?

I would not mind living near the Great Smokey Mountains or maybe even in Florida.

12. What's your favorite cookie to snack on?

Chocolate Chip of course.

13. Are you a Apple person or PC type person and why?

I prefer Apple iPhone because in my opinion they are more user friendly. I prefer a desktop PC because it is easier for me to see things on.

14. What's your favorite things about the Zoo?

The tigers, elephants and prairie dogs.

15. Did you grow up in the country, city or small town and what did you like about it (or hate about it if you didn’t like it?)

I grew up in the country about five miles out of town.  I enjoyed living in the country as a kid but as an adult, I prefer to live in the city and have the conveniences of being in the city.

16. What kinds of things were you into and do when you were growing up?

I was into books.  I loved and still love to read.

17 .Do you enjoy receiving letters or postcards more, and why?

I prefer postcards.  I feel that postcards tell more of a story based on the photos on the front of them and where they are mailed from.

18. Do or did you know any of your great-grandparents? Tell me about them.

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19. Do you like to be outdoors? What is your favorite thing to do there?

I use to love going camping and fishing.  However, the older I get the more I would just rather sit around the fire pit and relax.

20. Have you ever broken a bone or been badly injured?

I had a really bad cut on my knee that required stitches.  I have not (yet) broken any bones.



“Watch your thoughts they become words.
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Watch your habits they become character.
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Happy World Emoji Day!

Happy World Emoji Day 2020


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"Pull Me Under"

Lost in the sky
Clouds roll by
And I roll with them
Arrows fly
Seas increase
And then fall again

This world is spinning around me
This world is spinning without me
Every day sends future to past
Every breath leaves me one less
To my last

Gives new meaning to it all
If not today nor yet tomorrow

And then my only father's son
As sure as I did ever love him

This world is spinning around me
The whole world keeps
Spinning around me
All life is future to past
Every breath leaves me one less

Pull me under
All that I feel is honor and spite
All I can do is set it right

Dust fills my eyes
Clouds roll by
And I roll with them
Centuries cry
Orders fly

This world is spinning inside me
The whole world is
Spinning inside of me
Every day sends future to past
Every step brings me closer
To my last

Pull me under
Pull me under
Pull me under I'm not afraid
The sun
Only until your will is done
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